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Finally, A Ladies Only Gym!

Pwrgrls Training is a private outdoor gym in Encino, CA that is offering personal training in a group setting exclusively for women.

We teach you how to train in the most effective way with proper technique and how to eat to fuel, sculpt and nourish our body.


With the power of exercise and a sense of togetherness we will guide you through the process of transformation on your journey of self-discovery. 

To ensure quality service from our trainers, spots per session are limited.

Each client is on their own journey and even though in a group setting, we ensure to provide individual guidance for  each and every one.

Our dedicated and highly trained Coaches are by your side to motivate, educate, inspire and push you to achieve your goals.

We promise to maintain a safe and supporting environment at all times.

Our innovative progression programs are tailored to deliver the best results for every stage of fitness. 

Are you ready to do this thing?

Our Vision

"At Pwrgrls Training, our vision is to empower women to take control of their physical and mental strength, and to create a safe, inclusive and supportive community where all women can reach their full potential and achieve their goals through weightlifting and personal development."

Why Pwgrls

Suitable for

All Fitness















What differentiates us from other group fitness classes?


We train in small groups.

We prioritize proper exercise form.

We  switch up training styles.

We thrive for mental, emotional & physical health, not just fat-loss. 

We provide ongoing nutritional advice and mental support. 

We track our workouts and ensure progression.

We are a unique community environment.

We empower each other.

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